Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Baby we can stay fly a G6

alrite. its been soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long since i've updated this blog. i think the last time i've updated this is last year, before i started or was it after i finished my practical training at SESCO. well anyway, a lot have happened since i last updated.

so anyway, right now, i'm waiting for my offer letter to enter this local university. i hope i get in, cause if i don't, then i'm in a lot of trouble in the job department.

so i think thats it for my latest updates. bye

"Shop the streets of Tokyo get your fly kicks, girl you always in my mind, got my head up in the sky feeling priceless, yeah where we at only few have known, waltz to next level Supermario, i hope this works out, Cardio. till then lets fly geronimo!"

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


`hey listen. i just started my practical training. so i may have more than enough time to update my blog, in any case just be sure to check them out.

Friday, October 22, 2010

i guess

i'm no pinochio. but i'm also no prince charming.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


its transparent. but unfortunately its not the literal meaning. its just metaphorically.

the girl. gone.
the plan. ruin.
the future.bleak.
the friends.same.
the parents.controlling.
the relationship status. single forever.
the status of my heart morale. very bloody LOW!!

whatever happened to the high spirited boy, its gone now. :(

"wouldn't even matter if we live on different planet, you know i'd steal a rocket ship and teach myself to land."

Sunday, August 29, 2010

somehow i feel so abandoned

to tell you the truth, i never wanted to post anything on this blog about my personal life and shit. but when it comes to wanting to express myself, i just need to do it right away. this blog may not have many reader, but this could be for my future reference.

anyway, i'm not very good with how people say social skills, this is due to my mother's strict upbringing. like i didn't know how to talk to a girl until i was 12, and that was thanks to a movie known as American Pie. thats right, i am thought the social skill through a movie. so skip a few years, dated a few girl without anyone knowing, and finally now.it has come to the point where i took the liberty to adopt the style of one Barney Stinson, from the tv series How I Met Your Mother. his philosophy of bro's and such, and never bring a girl to meet your parents, or even your friends, and making a girl think your somebody else(although i perfected the skills way before i watched that show.) . so at this point i'm thinking that dating a girl is fine, making friends with a girl is fine. but having a very serious relationship with them is another thing.

the THING ABOUT GUYS, no matter how much they say they love and miss their girl, behind their sweet loving face is another face that wants to miss some other girl. some guys manage to pull this off,some are unfortunate, and some like me, just don't seem to care about what the other girls feel, meaning they tell their girlfriends that the are seeing some other girl. after all honesty is always the best policy.

so right now i'm thinking that i'm single, but i'm not going into the relationship thing again, since the last time i fell for this girl, it turned out really weird, for me, and maybe for her too.

just pointing out that if i do find the right girl, i'm gonna evaluate her first, get to know if she really does like me, and make sure that her friends don't find out about me.

i guess i'm ending my post here. and until further notice, i'm gonna continue writing stuff and shit . so goodluck if you are reading this, and have a nice day.

"and everytime i close my eyes, i could see you standing in front of me."

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How Dreams are Crushed. How Fantasy is just a Fantasy.

okay. this is it. my post about movies. Crappy game adaptation and/or cartoon adaption into live action film.

The first movie that crushed my dream.

Transformers 2 (revenge of the fallen)
to tell you the truth, i'm not a big fan of Transformers. i'm just a fan of the toys, cause back then it was the only toy that i could play with that is a combination of two things. its a car that can turn into a robot. its like getting a 2 toys for the price of 1. anyway, heres how i think it is.

The movie lacks plot. i mean the first movie seems ok, not great, its okay, since its a first time film, plus it hints a sequel at the end, so curiousity killed the will to think the movie is crap. the sequel, it just blows. no character development, no plot. and of course a huge budget targeted into making fireworks(special effects). sure the effects were the best one i've seen in years, but believe me, good story plot is what i want. i mean so far, the best movie that i still think is the best would be LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY. no matter what you say about it. i mean come on. Michael Bay is one of Hollywoods leading Director, and he got the best cartoon/Toy franchise, and turned it into SPECIAL EFFECTS PERFORMANCE. the movie is by far in my worst movie list. theres no word to describe how ridicolous that movie is. if anyone is a fan of the film, explain what the movie is about actually.

Last Airbender
my favourite Nickleodeon cartoon, next to spongebob.
when i first watched the cartoon, it was the best thing in the world to me. when i watched the live action movie, i'm not sure it is the same thing anymore. the only way for you to like this movie is by actually not knowing there is a cartoon show by the name of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Shamalayan thought he could cram the whole season(Book 1:water) into an hour an a half movie. its okay if only the character were believable. theres no emotion. theres no comic relief(Sokka's Character, and occasionally Aang). what a piece of dissapointment. if they could remake the movie, i would suggest giving book 1 with 2 parts. at least they could make more money with that, and the plot would be less crammed, and the character won't be jumping from one side of the world to another side of the world. the plot is ok. but it was just too crowded. Shamalayan, to me, is a great director, he introduced me, to the word "plot twist". his movies at first were thought to be unpredictable, but as time moves, it became predictable. but the twist is better with each movie. I like the Sixth Sense, The lady in the water, etc. but this adaptaion of Avatar is just not right. he wouldn't be doing the world any good, by making this movie. I was FREAKING DISSAPOINTED WITH THE FREAKING MOVIEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best comic in my list, next to One Piece, GTO, and my collection of Malaysian Comic.
1. Goku doesn't have tail
2. it is set in America, or somewhere in the WEST
3. Shen Wong is some kind of evil entity that wants to destroy the world.
4. No Kurin/Kirillin.
5. for some reason, no mention of Saiyan race or Saiyan warrion is in the movie.

im in no mood to say why i hated this movie most.
if you played the game you know why. okay to be honest I AM GOING TO SAY WHY IT SUCKS REALLY BAD.
1st, JIN KAZAMA is raised by his granfather Heihachi Mishima because he inherited the Devil Gene. and his mother did raised him but was killed by OGRE. not KAZUYA.
2nd, wheres the rest of the character from tekken 1, 2 , 3, 4. somehow, Miguel, Christie, and Sergei is in it. and why is steve fox old, and why did Eddie have no connection to Christie?
3rd, WHERE IS HWORANG AND KING?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Paul Phoenix get beaten by Marshall Law. STEVE FOX IS THE SON OF NINA WILLIAM!!!!!!not a retired BRITISH BOXER.

okay this isnt movie REVIEW.
its just me complaining about the movies not in line with its original sources. if you want to make a movie based on the a source, follow the source. if you don't follow the source, might as well make your own movie.

"i'll take it one day there will be no more movies."

Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm Here, I'm Back. and with nohting to do. i write.

so here i am again. for the time being, its the first entry in the month of Ramadhan. and entering the second week pf fasting. to tell you the truth, i'm kinda gaining weight during this month for no apparent reason, since fasting means you eat less, and skip meals for the whole daytime. but whatever. i could care less.

and for some reason, i've developed my writing skills to reduce my usage of dots. get that? see, no more long dots between sentences. hahahaha.

and precisely talking about that, someones been using the dots too many time in his writing, more accurately, his text. what do you think using dots as a way to emphasize how your words should be? its okay if its followed by another words, but to only put one word, and then end it with a lot of dots is just stupid.

i like to ramble in my blogs because i never get to ramble in real life. its really fun, everyone should try it. its the internet, chances are anyone that you know would read this is a million to one. but chances they'll open that link in your facebook page is pretty high. (it happened to me last year)

so in the spirit of my sriting wisdom coming back, i'll try to finish whatever i'm starting . so here's to a new beginning, and the start of something grand i hope.

"to tell people the truth that you hate them is harsh, but its life"
-Me (2010)